Thursday, May 14, 2009




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Thank you, and thank all of the Pan D LegCo members !!

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Hello. Maybe it is me, but I do not like the phrase "平反六四" at all. This name may lead us subconsciously to think of two months of democratic movement can be summarised in one night.

But is it an appropriate focus?

What exactly happened on "六四"? The main thrust of the democratic movement had ended the night before. People were leaving Tianmen square. Then PLA started the massacre. If you read it literally, "平反六四" means that whoever were doing (namely, CCP and PLA) what they were doing on "4th June" should be "rehabilited".

From my recollection, movement leader Wang Dan rarely says "64", rather, he talks about "89 movement".

Is it more constructive, or even respectful to the dead, to focus so much on the crack-down, or is it better to focus on the ideas that they advocate?

I would prefer to picture the movement as Zhao Ziyang talking to the people.

I would prefer to picture the movement as Chinese cities rally to support the demonstrators in Beijing, when there was a general sense of anticipation and optimism.

I would prefer to picture the 89 movement as the students, hunger struck, meet with premier Li Peng. A meeting is a meeting, even if nothing good came out of it.

After all, it didn't have to end that way.

Perhaps it is just a name. Yet words do shape our thoughts.


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