Thursday, October 23, 2014


我不是英雄,我 更不是烈士。我和很多人一樣,心中有無限民主理念,但我不懂得如何把這民主理念強加諸他人身上。我只懂得用說之以理、動之以情的方式宣揚這理念。我承認這 種婉轉的推廣方法確不是那麼的有效;但我既不想做英雄,也不願作烈士,婉轉的推廣總比默不作聲為好。深究討論有效無效,對我來說是沒有太大意義的。願意聽 的人,自然會聽;不願意聽的人,怎樣也聽不入耳。


仇 敵是愛的相反,是和平的對立。但愛與和平是很難塑造出英雄烈士的。放眼看歷史,不是在仇敵環境中站立起來的英雄烈士寥寥可數。很多時,仇敵環境是英雄烈士 之溫牀。這不是關乎錯與對,而是關乎取捨。不要誤會,我不是說仇敵是錯或必然是錯的。被壓迫的時候,面對不公義的時候,很難不產生仇敵的心態。這是自然而 然,人之常情。

這也可能是英雄烈士與普通人的分別。我只是想說,我不過是一個普通人罷了。不要把我當作英雄,不要要求我成為烈士。這些均非我所長。你不同意我的道 理,你不接受我的理念,我是可以理解,也可以接受。我也不會因此而對你心懷仇恨;因為這才是愛與和平的真正實踐,民主的真正精神。也因為這樣,我不是英 雄。

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Anonymous said...

In taking any course of action, there are three things that we need to consider, i.e. motive, approach, and intended result.

For motive, I too cannot agree with those people who kill innocent people in the name of religion. Their motive is impure. The violence that they have caused is the result of hatred rather than religious belief.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I generally do not see much impure motive that has led the pan-democrats/students/protesters to act in the way they have. If, as you have implied, they harbour some hatred, it is probably a hatred that is directed towards the political system and the ideology/self interests that are behind it. It is only logical for a person to suffer some hatred by the public if he or she epitomizes the political system as a whole.

As for approach and intended result, I have a feeling that you believe your moderate approach would have a greater chance to achieve positive results than those other approaches that are more confrontational. Therefore, it is hard for me to believe that it is "not quite meaningful" to you whether the discussions were effective or not, as you have claimed in your blog. I think you do care, otherwise you would not have spent so much efforts in promoting your own proposals for political reforms in the last few months.

I think all three things, i.e., motive, approach and intended result matter when taking any course of action. I admire your motive and your moderate approach, but I think it is not quite right for you to say that the results "are not quite meaningful" to you, and I think you don't seriously believe it in your heart. If you don't achieve your intended result in the first round, all you need to do is to modify your approach in the second round so that you will have a greater chance of success next time. Please don't give up. Hong Kong desperately needs talented lawmakers like you.