Friday, December 28, 2007




Anonymous said...

no, pan democrats should not resign nor boycott the 2008 election.

if there are bigger gains than losses in pushing for democracy in hk by resigning or boycotting, you definitely should, but if these actions are only a gesture or an impulsive reaction, it will do no good to hk's democracy development.

you are elected to the seat by the people, you are expected to finish your full office term, doing what you have promised your voters.

you should continue run next year, not for the sake of simply retaining democrats' presence in the legislature, but for showing people who support democracy in hk that you are a true fighter, even if democrats end up with fewer and fewer seats in coming legco terms.

resigning or boycotting would be seen as the last resort, and after that, what more could be done? collective suicide?

if you truly believe in what you preach, you should stick to it, even if you end up the only "opposition" legislator in legco. nothing should change your belief in pursuing democracy.

compromise, as the govt has been calling for since the npcsc decision last week, should only be made when there's gain. if the govt were to only table a revised 2005 proposal, then hell with it. vote no!


Mei said...


Ronny Tong said...

Thank you both for your invaluable comments. I have steadfastly refused any suggestions of boycott or resigning as a protest action. Under the present voting system, not only will such action be costly to the people but will only allow the other side more seats.
Politics is about power. If you have no seat then you have no power. That is why I always regard running as a must. The question is, do we have new blood to continue the fight?