Thursday, January 18, 2007

An Interview with God?

A good friend of mine directed me to this stunning video on the net called The Interview With God. My, was it a stunning video....It was stunning not only visually but intellectually. It was an old poem full of paradoxical views of life and suddenly, i was reminded of those far away days when I used to question life. I no longer do that now, of course. Instead, I came to accept it.
Why? I asked myself. Perhaps I've changed. We all do. I am an atheist. But God and fate have always kpet me waking up at night and wondering aloud, if they don't exist, why am I here? Why am I feeling the way I do, doing the things I do?
I like paradox. I always view myself as such. But one thing I am sure. I have lived. If I have the chance to do it all over again, I probably would have made the same mistakes and taken the same wrong turns and ended up like me. And never regretting for one moment I have done just that. Well, perhaps that's not quite true. I might have regretted a bit. But not enough to make me not do it all over agian if I had the chance......
Oh, by the way, the link is Enjoy it.


Anna Cheung said...

I randomly click on your achieve and found this..amazing! I also watched the same video a while ago!!
Will I regret my life before...not really, will I do something different, possibly not either. Without going through what we had, we will not treasure TODAY!

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